Arabic letters not connect

Hello, I am a beginner in the font industry, I am trying to train, I am facing this shapes every time
Please instruct me to properly fix the problems
and sorry for my English
thanks all

What are the names of your glyphs?

This glyphs name “AXtEldjazair” for Quark Express in mac, but what I did was redesign the letters and put them in the typefaces fo indesign mac and win
Note, this occurs in all Arabic fonts merged with Latin (Not all, but the majority)
example 1 "arabtype (arabic Typesetting)
example 2 “29LTBukra”
thank u Georg

I mean the glyph names, not the font name. make a screen shot of the glyph in font view with visible glyph names.

Glyphs need “nice” names with suffixes for the layout. Check Font Info > Other > Use Custom names. Uncheck it. Then select all glyphs and run “Glyph > Update Glyph Info”. That change the names to something like “alef-ar” and “beh-ar.init”.

thaaaaaaaank u very much Georg ,i fix it done

It will only work for glyphs that have .fina, .medi and .init variants. So you need to understand how glyph names work. There are tutorials for this:

Telling from your screenshots, you are opening existing compiled font. Glyph names usually get lost when you compile a font. For editing, you would need to recreate the names:

If you intend to make changes to the fonts, please make sure you have the permission to do so. If you are not sure, you can ask the makers of the typefaces directly, e.g. @PascalZoghbi is on the forum.

Hello Rechard!

Good Luck with learning how to create Arabic typeface. Please note though, that you are publicly infringing the rights of opening and editing 29LT Bukra, which is forbidden. We also checked our licenses, and it seems you didn’t purchase a license for 29LT Bukra either.

We kindly ask you to refrain from working on the file of 29LT Bukra without our permission.
Legal action can be taken against you.

It is better to learn how to create an Arabic typeface from scratch rather than opening an existing typeface and making changes to it.

There is no anger involved. Just be careful, ethical, and legal with your actions.

We trust ethical people to purchase a license of our font instead of downloading them illegally font hackers’ websites. Be it for personal use or commercial.

Best of luck with your Arabic type design learning process.


My dear world is not perfect, but be sure that I respect the laws
I told you I would buy one day a license
The current time is just inappropriate
Thank you for your support