Arabic letters not connecting

Hello Glyphs App,

Im having trouble with the glyph alefMaksura-ar.fina unicode FEF0. As you can seeing in the attachment, letters that come before this glyph don’t connect to it. How do I fix this?

What version of Glyphs do you have.
Where are you testing?
You have all the needed .medi glyphs? And have updated the features in Font info?

Im using Glyphs 2.5.1. Im testing on indesign. everything in font info looks fine.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

How can I send you the file?

Send a dropbox link with direct message in the forum or to support at this domain (without forum and www).

It works for me. Is this what it is supposed to look like? Please correct me if I am wrong:

How did you enter the glyph? I entered the regular U+0649 (ى), and in RTL mode it would automatically be swapped for the .fina shape.

Why do you type the fina glyph directly. And are you testing in Glyphs or in Indesign?

Hi Erich!!
Yes, this is how it should look. When I test on indesign it doesn’t look like that.

testing on indesign.

Hi Sheikah! :wave:

Hmmm, strange. I assume you have been using the Adobe Fonts folder. And you have made sure it is not installed in Font Book.

Are you sure you are testing the right version of the font? You can test by changing something obvious, like add a circle in a glyph and reexport. If it does not show up in InDesign, you are testing the wrong font. (In the Adobe tutorial there is a section called ‘Tracking Down Problems’ that describes which font file is displaying.)

Yes, I’ve been using the Adobe Fonts folder nut not font book. I’m sure I’m using/testing the right font.

Did you double check? Here is how:

[…] switch to InDesign and choose Type > Find Font…. In the upcoming dialog, select the font that is giving you a headache, then click on the Reveal in Finder button.

All InDesign settings right? Language set to Arabic, World-ready composer, RTL?

Hey Erich!

It’s still not working :frowning: I’ve tried everything you asked me to try. Is it something with the Unicodes maybe?

Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

here you go:

I’ll sent it to support as well.

OK here is how I got your file to work:

  1. I disabled export for the glyphs that were only used as components (those with _comp in their name), they were counted as Hebrew, and that caused a Hebrew Languagesystems entry.
  2. I fixed a typo in the manually coded part of rlig (.iso.isol)
  3. I automated the positional features (isol, medi, fina and init).
  4. I recompiled the Languagesystems and all other features in File > Font Info > Features (button Compile at the bottom).
  5. I disabled incompatible glyphs.

And then it exports just fine, and it works as expected in InD:

I’ll send you the file.

Thanks Erich!

I didn’t reseive the file. Could you please email it to (EDIT: e-mail removed as spam protection).

Thank you again.

Sent it again. But I sent it to the same e-mail address back then (13 June).