Arabic Marks (tashkeel) problem

Hi Everyone,
I am designing an Arabic typeface at the moment and I am almost done, however when it comes to words that has (marks) in them the mark or the tashkeel position itself between the two letters in the word, therefore separating the word.

Any ideas how to solve this?

In general, this should work. I just tried it. Do you have anchors in all of the marks?

Hey George
Thanks for replying, yes I do have nodes in all the marks
For some reason it separates the letters in the one word rather than just being above it any suggestions I could try?

I would need to see the .glyphs file and the text you are testing it with. Can you send it to me?

Here or on email?
I don’t want to share the type here its a special case. if you could give your email I could share it with you

And anchors? Try pressing Cmd-U inside a mark.

Hey Mekk
I am trying to figure out the anchors function at the moment. Struggling bit in making it work properly with the Marks

There is a chapter about it in the Handbook, and there is a tutorial about Mark Attachment too. It is also described shortly in the Arabic tutorial. The technical principle is the same for all writing systems.

You can send the .glyphs file to support (at) (this domain), and please give me an example of a combination that does not work. I will have a look.