Arabic Required Ligature Issue

Hi, I’m working on an Arabic font including Arabic, Urdu & Persian letters, Ligatures works fine only with Arabic!

The case is with lam_alef-ar & lam_alef-ar.fina ! It wasn’t like this in previous versions!

This my version 2.6.3 (1270) !

There is a script arab; in your feature code. Either remove that or add

script urdu;
lookup rlig_arabic_0;

below the code.

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There is no OpenType script urdu, there is URD language but the script is arab.


Right. Was writing on the go.

Then maybe:

script arab;
language URD;
language FAR;
lookup rlig_arabic_0;
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Thanks, Georg & Khaled,
I have no idea where I should place these lines, before or after the brackets, I have tried before and after nothings change, anyhow it is working fine also after I removed lookup brackets & scripts…

Why that not happen automatically?

Is this is right?

That should work.

The lookup is there to be able to reference it later if needed. I need to check if I need to add the code I mentioned automatically. Could you send me the file for testing?

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