Arabic-style entry and exit anchors in LTR font

Is there any way of setting up entry-exit anchors in a left-to-right script, so I can create a cursive English font?

Yes. Its implemented in the latest few cutting edge versions.

How exactly does this work? I have the anchors set up but they only connect the glyphs when I turn on RTL in the preview window below.

The preview was missing. I fixed that. But do you really need vertical shifting of the glyphs. If not, you should use spacing and kerning.

Sorry for the late response.
The font I am making is very experimental so the vertical shifting is a big part of the concept.
With the entry and exit anchors, when I turn on RTL the glyphs align like I want them to in the main viewer, in the preview window along the bottom of the screen is all messed up.
The connection doesn’t work when set to LTR.

I fixed it.