Arabic Support

Hello! I was looking through the Arabic glyph set and did not see all the glyphs in there. Am I missing something or does the app not have full Arabic support yet? The same letter in Arabic has 3 different forms one for the beginning of the sentence, one for the middle, and for the end. Thank you for this great app.


the glyph set in the sidebar is not complete jet. you can just generate all the glyphs manually. The “different” forms need to have the same name as the base (the isolated form) and one of the suffixes (.init, .medi, .fina) attached. If you have all glyphs set up, go to “Font Info > Features” and click the small circular arrow button in the lower left corner. This will generate (most) necessary features.

If you then add anchors to the glyphs (“top”, “bottom”) and to the marks ("_top", “_bottom”), Glyphs will generate the “mark” feature automatically on export.

Glyphs is supposed to support arabic fonts. If you find any issue, please tell me about it.


I’m afraid there’s a bug in “dlig” features when Glyphs generates features automatically:

sub beh-ar.medi yeh-ar.fina by beh_yeh-ar.fina;
sub beh-ar.medi alefMaksura-ar.fina by beh_alefMaksura-ar.fina;

both “beh-ar.medi” should be: “beh-ar.init”, otherwise the ligature does not apply.

Hope it will help.

I’m not sure about this:
sub hehgoalhamzaabove-ar by hehHamzaabove-ar.fina;
Does anyone could help with that?


No, the code is correct. If if is
sub xx.init yy.fina by zzz;
It would be an isolated form. So if you test this, you always need some other character before it. So type beh-ar beh-ar yeh-ar and you should get beh-ar.init beh_yeh-ar.fina.

Sorry, I made a mistake: The ligatures I referred were: “beh_yeh-ar” and “beh_alefMaksura-ar” . I had named them wrong with a “.fina”. That’s why the ligature did not work.
Thanks for your comments!