Arabic type / glyphs/ letters not showing in preview

I am working for the first time on an Arabic font on Glyphs 1.3.10 (361)
the problem that I am facing now is that the following letters dont show when I preview my letters in the Edit tab:

I am not sure if there will be other letters that will follow suit because it is still a work in progress
does it have to do with the “features” list in the edit tab? and if yes how will I be able to see its content? because when I open it I get no options…

hope somebody could help…
thank you…


This is an outdated version. Is there a reason you cannot upgrade to at least 1.4.5? Or 2.x, would be even better.

I cant upgrade to 2.0 because I have OS 10.7 so it wont be compatible
as for the 1.4.5 I am not sure… I downloaded my version from the internet and not from glyphs website… I am still trying out the software honestly
any suggestions?


We can’t help you if you don’t use the latest version.

to solve my problem I need to upgrade to 1.4.5 or 2.0??
and does upgrading requires to buy a new licence?

Updating to 1.4.5 is free. Version 2 is a paid upgrade.

ok will try to do that the soonest
thank you so much for your time and help…

upgraded to 1.4.5 and all went fine and it is surely much better than the old version…thank you
one quick question please: can you tell me which preview I should rely on to make sure my font works?
please check attached file…
thank you for your time


Want to see what works? That would not be previewing, that is testing. But it is quick if you use the Adobe Fonts folder: