Are .glyphspackage stable?

In the thread “Import from FontLab”, Adam Twardoch mentions “packages”. This is the first time I hear about packages. (The Glyphs blog post about v3 does not mention this and I can find no infos in the forum or the learning resources.) After tinkering with the save-dialog I discover the option to save a Glyphs file as a directory structure – a package – similar to UFO “files”.

This is delight to see, as I was just recently trying to improve the Git workflow when working with Glyphs. I want to switch to the package format as soon as possible! I need to :‌)

  • Is this package format ready to be used or still experimental?
  • Is it save to move an existing project to this new format?
  • And how would I go about changing an existing project? Save As seams to work, but is that the recommended path?

This format uses the same structure as the plain format. Just the glyphs part split into individual files. So it is as stable as the single file.

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Wonderful! I have already switched.