ARGH! The latest Glyphs is blanking my UFO's font info!


The version 2.6.1 (1210) is blanking my UFO’s font info every time I open a file!

Please fix it.

PS, Now is when I really miss a way to copy all font info from another open font ALA Fontlab. And why is it not possible to copy-paste blue zones from one font to another?



Can you send me a test file?


File sent.


Thanks. I fixed it.


Please consider an easier way to copy paste font info information from one font to another. Now only parameters can be copy pasted all at once.


Rare scenario, so I’d consider that a job for a script. I’ve wanted to add something like this to the mekkablue scripts.


It’s not a rare scenario if you do a lot of font production. Anyway, I hope you can add a script to copy all font info from a font to another in a near future.


I uploaded an update.