Assign a shortcut

Hi, I’ve tried to assign a keyboard shortcut to ‘Add Horizontal Hint’ and ‘Add Vertical Hint’ but nothing works. What are the limits of using System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / App Shortcuts / Glyphs to do this?

For the system shortcut to work, the command needs to be in the main menu.

So no :frowning:

Maybe a shortcut to Rainer’s Add Hints for Selected Nodes script is enough? Or modified scripts for horizontal/vertical if needed.

I added the two commands to the menu in the latest cutting edge version.

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Starman! Will wait with baited breath :slight_smile:

I wonder whether it should be a simple key shortcut added to the context menu, like in truetype hinting.

I though about that but it could interfere with the tool switching (that is limited in the TT-tool).