Assigned unicode to new Glyph in font but unicode is missing in Illustrator

Hello! I am a new user when it comes to Glyphs 3. I have created 4 new icons that are part of an existing typeface. I added it in glyphs, assigned it a unicode (the next available one) and followed the same formatting as I see in other pre-existing Glyphs, I saved my .ttf files and exported my glyph files, etc. When I open Illustrator, I can see all the glyphs in the typeface and I can see my newly added ones- great, right?

Nope- I can select them and it does enter them in a text field but when you hover over the glyphs panel it does not show a unicode is assigned to the glyph. It just says “No Unicode”- which is perplexing because when you open the fonts in Glyphs 3, I can see the unicodes assigned to the glyphs. Is there something I missed? Any info is greatly appreciated, thank you for your patience with a newbie!

How are you testing? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

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I did not use the Adobe Fonts folder, whoops. I followed the steps in the article you linked, thank you so much. I restarted my Adobe apps (illustrator/photoshop). Checked out my glyphs panel again, and it still shows “no unicode” when I hover over it, but I see the icon, and as I said previously, it does show up when I enter it in the text field. Could it maybe be a duplicate font or something weird in a cache? I am certain I have the most up to date font installed.

Yes, sounds like a font cache problem. Follow the steps in this tutorial please: Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs

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This worked!! Followed the steps to a t with the tutorial you provided. Omg. Thank you SO much. I’ve had a headache since yesterday and this finally worked. Thank you for all your help and guidance!

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