Assigning uppercase letters to lowercase letters

Is it possible to assign uppercase letters to the (unicase of) lowercase letters?
At the moment I have 26 lowercase letters, but they should also work when typing in uppercase.

So I do not want to 1) copy-paste the letter, or 2) place the component in the uppercase.
This because of reducing the font size of the highly detailed font.

Thanks in advance.

Have you actually compared the file size? Which file format is intended? In TrueType, components are kept composed so it doesn’t increase the file size. And if you intend to use the font as web font, you’ll almost certainly export it in TTF format.

And what kind of design is that (can I see a sample of at least one letter, of number of nodes in it)?

To answer your question, it’s technically possible as far as the font specification goes, but it’s not recommended and Glyphs does not support it. My guess is that the file size really doesn’t matter.

Yeah; the file size matters; due to a high amount of ligatures as well: the ttf fonts w/ and w/o capitals are 396kB vs 48kB.

On average an image has between 2k and 5k nodes; which is rather a lot - i know.
And cutting down on those makes the image not so detailed.
You can find our project on

But if it’s not recommended by Glyphs, then I should keep it with the ‘big’ version :wink:

In my opinion, because it’s taken from architecture, it sounds very odd that each glyph has such an amount of nodes and can be simplified.

Also the file size doesn’t seem proportionate to the glyph set. The file size shouldn’t be more than twice as big even after you add caps.

Unless it’s for web, you shouldn’t worry about file size much. It’s still less than a megabyte that can easily be taken up by an image file otherwise. If you are also planning a web font version, your glyphs are way too detailed for most screens to handle at most sizes and need to be massively simplified.

A lot of glyphs exist just out a few hundred nodes, and are simplified and clear.
Actual the other file size w/ capitals was 124kB, but still more than twice as much as the 48kB…

But then I won’t worry about the file size for prints. And I am happy your advice to simplify them when used as a webfont.

I just hoped to find a way not to have doubles.

Thank you very much!

You can easily generate all uppercase glyphs with by putting this in the Generate Glyphs Dialog:

a=A b=B c=C d=D ...

That will add the uppercase glyphs with components of the lower case.