Attach diacritic to another anchor

For some reason I cannot see the little anchor that I used to be able to click to attach a diacritic to a specific anchor (this one) It just doesn’t show up when I click on a diacritic glyph. Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug? Has it changed?

what version do you have?

Did you double check all the prerequisites?

  1. The accent (e.g. acutecomb) must have the underscore anchor (e.g. _top).
  2. The base glyph (e.g. the letter or preceding combining accent must have two or more corresponding base anchors, alternates with underscore suffixes (e.g. top, top_1, top_2).
  3. In the compound glyph, the anchor alternatives should appear if you click the accent component (in this example, the acutecomb component).

Sorry, found the problem, it was a case of mismatched anchor names (right and _topright).
Thanks for the quick help!