Auto alignment and HT LetterSpacer

not sure if this is the proper way to do it

1- I disable automatic alignment on some glyphs that require manual alignement
2 -I only apply HT LetterSpacer on the glyphs and not on the marks.

I noticed that If I apply HT LS on the both the marks and the glyphs a shift occurs in the glyphs that don’t have automatic alignment on.

Is this correct or am I missing a simpler solution?


In what glyphs do you need to disable the automatic alignment? Maybe you can keep the alignment by using metrics keys. You can use ‘=+/-XX’ for both sides to add/remove space from the default vaues.

If you change the side bearing of any of the glyphs that are used as components, there will be a shift. That was one reason to developer the automatic alignment in the first place. But why would you auto-spaces the accents?

For exemple here, I like the way the grave sits on the egrave but not on the igrave
Can’t see how else I can modify the alignment individually without disabling the automatic alignment

The grave is to much to the right on the ‘e’. They are not supposed to be centered. Position the anchor in the grave that it looks good on the ‘i’ and it will be right on the ‘e’, too. Compare it to existing fonts.
And it all fails, you can add an alternate anchor to the grave or have a ‘gravecomb.i’ that is maybe narrower and has a different anchor position. But that is only needed rarely.

alright, thanks

I would double-check where the top anchor is in your /i glyph too.

Good point.
Start with centering the _top anchors in all symmetric accents. Then adjust the top anchors in all letters that those symmetric accents look good. Only then position the _top anchors in the asymmetric accents.

ok, that makes complete sense
thanks a lot guys