Auto-alignment of flipped components

Hello :slight_smile:
This has changed again, between the previous version I was using (1043) and the current version (1114).

Top line is how the components should look, this was made with auto-alignment switched on. You can see many parts are recycled in Burmese.

Bottom line shows how the flipped parts are now flying all over the place. I’d rather not turn off auto-alignment because then relative positions of components and sidebearings won’t stay correct.

EDIT: I notice in the last glyph, I have the option to ‘disable auto-alignment’, which implies it’s auto-aligned, but it isn’t — because it’s a numeral? — and I can move it up and down by dragging, which is why it’s in the right place in both images. But the ၈ is also a numeral, and I can’t move it.

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Can you send me a sample font?