Auto-generated ccmp feature throwing error

Error: “Lookup type different from previous rules in this lookup block” in Feature ccmp in line: 6

The whole feature reads as

lookup latn_decomb {
	script latn;
	sub istroke by i strokeshortcomb;
@CombiningTopAccents = [acutecomb brevecomb caroncomb circumflexcomb commaturnedabovecomb dieresiscomb dotaccentcomb gravecomb hookabovecomb hungarumlautcomb macroncomb ringcomb tildecomb];
@CombiningNonTopAccents = [cedillacomb circumflexbelowcomb dotbelowcomb macronbelowcomb ogonekcomb horncomb slashlongcomb slashshortcomb strokelongcomb strokeshortcomb];
	sub [i j]' @CombiningTopAccents by [idotless jdotless];
	sub [i j]' @CombiningNonTopAccents @CombiningTopAccents by [idotless jdotless];
} latn_decomb;

lookup latn_comb {
	script latn;
	lookupflag 0;
	sub brevecomb acutecomb by brevecomb_acutecomb;
	sub brevecomb gravecomb by brevecomb_gravecomb;
	sub brevecomb hookabovecomb by brevecomb_hookabovecomb;
	sub brevecomb tildecomb by brevecomb_tildecomb;
	sub by;
	sub circumflexcomb acutecomb by circumflexcomb_acutecomb;
	sub circumflexcomb gravecomb by circumflexcomb_gravecomb;
	sub circumflexcomb hookabovecomb by circumflexcomb_hookabovecomb;
	sub circumflexcomb tildecomb by circumflexcomb_tildecomb;
} latn_comb;

sub [i j]’ @CombiningTopAccents by [idotless jdotless]; seems to be the offending line. I don’t have much experience with opentype, but this feature was generated automatically by Glyphs.

Should I be looking on the front end for anything I might have missed, or is this a Glyphs issue?

Remove the istroke line before that.

A one-to-many substitution and a contextual one-to-one substitution should not be in the same lookup.

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Can you send me the .glyphs file? I’ll try to fix the generator.

Removing line 3 worked. Thanks for catching that @mekkablue

@GeorgSeifert I sent the file to info[at]glyphsapp[dot]com since I can’t upload on the forum just yet. Thanks for looking into it.

I fixed it.


I have the same problem, I have made some changes in my fonts (do not remember all of them) and after a try of recompiling I got this error.

You are right. I fixed it.

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