Auto hinting problem in two corner components when exporting to OTF

Hi everyone, I have the following problem. When exporting my Glyph file to OTF I get an auto hinting error message: There was a problem autohinting the glyph: _corner.bottomleftserif

It only happens in the display light style. The other three masters don’t give me any problem and all bottom left corner components seem to follow the same construction pattern, positioning, and path direction. It’s all compatible. The only thing I can think about is the fact I started working on Glyphs 2 and switched to Glypsh 3 throughout the design process. However, I started the Italics from scratch on Glypsh 3, and I have the same auto hinting problem, but this time in the display regular style, the rest works ok.

Do you have a clue what might be going on? Thank you in Advance!

Why are you exporting that glyph? Don’t export corner components. Set it to non-exporting and try exporting your font again.

Thanks, SCarewe,

This is the way I always do it. As far as I know, placing an underscore at the beginning of the glyph name, regardless of whether it’s a component or not, means that it won’t be exported, as the example here mentioned (_corner.bottomleftserif) How do I set it to Non-exporting? Font window/Filters/Exporting Glyph? Thank you.

I found it! Sorry

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Right-click on the glyph and click on “Export” (in order to remove the checkmark). The glyph should then receive a red stop sign :no_entry_sign: in font view, indicating it won’t be exported.

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Thanks for your help, problem solved!