Auto update all LSB/RSB

I set the LSB/RSB of the letter A to 16, and all “A variants” to ‘A (16)’. If change the value for A, is there a way of updating automatically for all the variants?

Glyph > Update Metrics. (or Ctrl-Cmd-M)

Or did you mean is there a way that Glyphs can be set to change all those dependencies without having to issue a command?

That’s exactly it. Thank you!

All the dependent As should use auto aligned components. Then the spacing is linked automatically.

I understand. However, I’m creating a font that the accent influences the shape of the character—almost like a “vertical ligature” :sweat_smile:

There are scripts and plug-ins in Plug-in Manager for that very purpose.

But be aware that this plugin is messing up the undo in those glyphs. That is not really the fault of the plugin but an underlying issue on how undo works.

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