AutoCAD to Glyphs?

does anyone have experience in constructing a font in AutoCAD and exporting it to Glyphs?

I am re-building letters according historical material, which is super mathematic to start with. I have drawn some letters in AutoCAD by now, and I would like to generate a digital font.
At the moment, I use the following procedure: After exporting the .dwg files as PDF or eps, I open it in Illustrator. When I than copy&paste the curves to Glyphs, they get messed up. The points don’t match any more.

Has anybody some experience with moving AutoCAD lines to Glyphs?


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Can you send me one of the .dwg and .eps files?

Sure, just send you an Email (wasn’t allowed to upload these file types in this window). But I attached a screenshot of the original from Roßberg, for interested users :slight_smile:

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