Autohinting more picky in Glyphs 3? Fonts won't export anymore

On export, I’m getting a new error indicating an error in autohinting that was never an issue in Glyphs 2 - have settings changed, or has anyone else encountered this? To successfully export, the only solution I’ve found is to just disable autohinting.

  • what does the n look like?
  • are stems and zones set?

Yes, alignment zones + stems are both set. I’m using components as you see but this was no problem in Glyphs 2. I also don’t think it’s SPECIFICALLY the “n” though because when I attempt to export sometimes the error will be for a different glyph with no obvious abnormality. Errors have always been for the first master though as if autohinting begins but gets stuck right away…

I had a similar case hat was actually caused by a problem with remove overlap. Can you send me the font for testing?

For sure, what email would you like me to send it to?
Thanks for taking a look!

@GeorgSeifert - how can I send you the file? What’s the best way to share it with you?

Send a Dropbox link (or something similar as a direct message in the forum or an email to support at this domain.

Great! I just sent an email to the support address. Thanks!