Automate various tasks to achive this effect [video]

Guys, I need some advices to achive this effect to entire font and try to automate the most. Doing it using Macros should be the way I think, but sadly I don’t know how to call every action step by step. Any comment will help!


Am no script expert, but maybe

  1. dublicate the master
  2. one master offset curve
  3. other master hatsh outlines
  4. rearrange path direction
  5. merge masters with
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Clever idea. Trying to do it, but the script doesn’t do anything visible…

Here is a screenshot with the 3 masters…

I think I can get rid of the ‘Offset’ master and just merge the first and the last.

@mekkablue can you confirm the usage of that Script. Should I select something somehow?


The script first deletes the content of the current master and copies all other masters into it. But feel free to adjust it, e.g. delete lines 17–19 for not clearing the layer first.

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Worked fine! thanks @jakob_runge and @mekkablue

Problem now is that it taking so long to export the file and never finish. It doesn’t trow any error, but never finish either. I keep waiting for 30 min, with no luck. I disabled Subrutines and no autohint. The .glyphs is not so big, just 2.7Mb…