Automatic abvm and blwm generation?

Glyphs can generate mark and mkmk features from the anchor list in the XML, but it might be helpful if it could generate others depending on the script. Is it possible for you to modify the feature generator to spit out abvm and blwm in certain scripts (mostly Indic)?

If it is possible to do so but you need a list of scripts, I’m happy to do a research on it.

It does generate abvm and blown for decanagari. I have to activate it for other scripts as I add the feature generatior for them.

Do you want the list of the script which need abvm/blwm instead of mark, or have it already? At the moment I want support for Tibetan and Oriya, but that sounds random and I think I need to research all scripts that use abvm and blwm exclusively (the ones don’t use mark feature).

Glyphs doesn’t generate blwf, blws, psts, abvm, nor blwm in my Devanagari. Do I have to do anything special to enable them?

If I want mark-to-base and mark-to-mark positioning do I then put all those things in the GlyphData.xml?

Okay, just got word from Georg. The features are auto-generated on generation. Explains it. Still not entirely understanding how the mark-to-base and mark-to-mark GPOS are derived.

But is that independent of scripts or only possible in Devanagari? What should the anchor names be?