Automatic Alignment handles


I have a question about the behavior of Bezier curves.
In Glyphs2, when I moved a path, the handles with smooth points were automatically aligned in a straight line, is this feature gone in Glyphs3?

We are creating fonts by alternately converting Quadratic Bézier and Cubic Bézier. We used to use this feature because it was convenient and reduced the number of mistakes in the conversion.


This has nothing to do with Glyphs 2 or 3. One handle is very very short, so one snap on the grid would be a huge change in angle. Look for a better arrangement of handles.

Thank you for your reply.

You say it doesn’t matter whether Glyphs 2 or 3, but as an extreme example, as shown in the attached image, the handles do not automatically snap when I move the path in 3.

This prevents unintended path bending, but you may not notice unnatural paths.


The handles shouldn’t snap in the case of moving the complete path. This was a bug in Glyphs 2.

I understood. Thanks for the reply.

So this snapping was an unusual condition.

Is there any way to reproduce this behavior in Glyphs2 with Glyphs3?

I would like to know if you know of any scripts that already have this kind of functionality.

Why would you want to reproduce this behavior?

There are scripts that align but probably not exactly like this.

Thank you for your reply.

I am using Glyphs3, but a member of the group is using Glyphs2 on an old macbook for security reasons and wants to make it work the same.

I would like to have the same behavior.

If you don’t mind, I would like to know more about the script.

In the mekkablue scripts, look into Paths > Realign BCPs and Paths > Green Blue Manager.

I still do not understand why you would want the old (buggy) behavior. It is not like the paths are incompatible.

Thank you for presenting the solution.

As to why I want to align the behavior of 2 and 3.
The reason is that when I create a path in 3 and another member uses it in 2, if he moves the glyph positions, the outlines will be misaligned.

The reason is that the member can only use 2 for security reasons, and I want to give him the original outline with the original outline fixed from the beginning.

The whole process is complicated because I create the data in 3, give it to the member who uses 2, and then work on it using the vendor’s original tool.

Due to the version of each PC, OS, etc., in order to have full compatibility, I want to create a situation where my 3 outlines will not work when run on 2.

How about you run Tidy Paths on your outlines? Then the smooth node will be set to unsmooth and thus prevent snapping. Any reason why it’s smooth?