Automatic Alignment is Disabled

Hello. I have noticed this behaviour for a few versions now: When building a composite from components manually (for instance, from components zero and _zeroslash), the components cannot be automatically aligned (even though the anchors are correct). The context menu gves a greyed-out “Automatic Alignment is Disabled”. Closing the file and re-opening it fixes the issue and the components are automatically aligned.

Any reason this behaviour should occur, or is it simply a bug? Many thanks!

Have you checked Font Info > Others?

This happened to me yesterday. I restarted Glyphs and it worked again.

Yes. That isetting would give a different error (“Automatic Alignment is disabled in Font Info”). This is not the case. As described, this issue is resolved when I close and re-open the file.

This has been happening to me for weeks (on 3116 without the greyed-out message, simply no Automatic Alignment option, and on 3124 with the greyed-out message). You don’t even need to restart Glyphs, just re-opening the file is enough, but the error persists with every time that I build a glyph with this method.

In my case it didn’t reoccur. Which plugins do you have installed? Which reporters active?

I can’t get the “Automatic Alignment is Disabled” item. Is that happening with a new glyph? Or was there something else in it. That item should only show up, if there are any paths.