Automatic component name suggestion for Ldot

Hello, I just ran into this (probably) unintentional behaviour:

This happens when selecting a path resembling a dot int the Ldot glyph.

I get his (in 3146)

I’m having the same, I think. It adds .case, and happens with different diacritics. (3147)

can you send me that .glyphs file (in the state that still has the outlines)?

I just did a test:
New file, added Idieresis (happens to any glyph with diacritic) and select>“Component from selection” and it suggests
BUT as soon as I save the file, it no longer suggest the but just .case as it should be.

So I’m afraid that a file won’t help you but it has to do with the file being saved?

Do you happen to have a custom GlyphData file somewhere?