Automatic feature generation with small cap diacritics


I have a stylistic set that changes some of the glyphs in the font. I also have small caps that have the same stylistic set.

I’m trying to make diacritics for the small cap stylistic set and can’t get the automatic feature generator to work. I’ve named the small capital glyphs “” and so on. When I update the features Glyphs doesn’t update the sc stylistic set into the feature or the sc class.

Also if I disable automatic feature generation I can’t use line breaks in the code if I write it manually. Meaning I can only write one continuous line, which is rather uncomfortable

the .ss01 glyphs do not need to show up in the smcp feature.

feature smcp {
sub b by;
} smcp;

feature ss01 {
sub by;
} ss01;

In the smcp feature, the b is substituted to and in the ss01 feature, the already substituted is again changed to

This is an old bug that seems to have reappeared in the latest version :-/ Temporary workaround: keep a return in your clipboard.

aha right! Thanks for you help!


Or write it in a text editor and copy the full feature text.

And I will fix that.