Automatic generating of weights


What is the best way to generate other weights eg. a Bold from Regular and Light from Bold?

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Do you only have the Regular and need to want to draw a Bold or do you have a Regular and Bold and want to generate a Light?

If you could describe both situations. I don’t have the fonts done yet but I would like to know how it works before I buy the license.

You have to draw two “extreme” masters. Like a Light and a Bold. You can use the Offset Curve filter to add or reduce weight but at the end you need to draw both outlines manually.

If you have both masters, you then can interpolate between the two. That means that you can generate the Regular, SemiBold. How to set things up is covered in the help file and on the forum.


ok, thanks!

one questions is this also possible with glyphs mini?

This is not possible with Glyph Mini.

is it not at all possible to make weights with Mini? I can of course make a new font file and use as light, regular and bold… but not within one project in Mini?

but not within one project in Mini?

That is why it is called “Glyphs Mini” and only costs $35.

I wasn’t being negative, just curious.
I love the software, and all the power it has at this price.