Automatic locl code seems broken

This is the start of the autogenerated code for the localized forms feature. It doesn’t seem right:

lookup locl_latn_0 {
	script latn;
	language AZE;
	sub i by i;
	language CRT;
	sub i by i;
	language KAZ;
	sub i by i;
	language TAT;
	sub i by i;
	language TRK;
	sub i by i;
} locl_latn_0;

In older Glyphs builds, i had been substituted with idotaccent.

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I’m having the same issue.

I fixed it.

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I think adding an idotaccent to a font is a weird hack to be avoided.

It makes feature code in the small cap and liga feature much simpler. So I think it is worth it.

I still have this issue with the latest update.

Right, wrong branch.