Automatically insert control characters

I was wondering if there is a functionality that would add control characters (or any specified characters for that) before/after each glyph in edit mode?
If I have to make changes on a group of glyphs I usually like to mark them in font view and open them up all in one tab. If I have to work on zero-width characters that gets a bit messy.
This could probably achieved with a script, but I thought the functionality could come in quite handy.

This sounds like something quite dependant on the user’s preferences, so I would suggest making a script for this.

Try the following:
Create an empty string variable.
For each selected layer in font view, add a string of control characters, the layer parent (glyph) name) and another string of control characters plus a line break (\n) to the string variable.
Then open a new tab with the string variable.

True, but that is the case for a lot of things :smiley:

I’ll work something out with a script.
Out of curiosity, how do people do this when using glyphs?

I don’t work much with zero-width glyphs in Edit View so this is not a concern to me. What is your workflow?

Doesn’t Glyphs set width to zero on export, meaning you just set any width while working on it?

I put two spaces manually after every zero-width character.
It works, but I thought maybe there is a functionality I don’t know about yet, or there might be a workaround superior then mine :slight_smile:
But I’ll probably sit down over the weekend and write a script :slight_smile:

What I am asking is which zero-width glyphs are you woking on? The only zero-width glyphs that should be in your font are ones that have no paths and no components, so there is little need to work on them in Edit View.

As @alexs mentioned, other glyphs that need to be of zero width at export, like combining marks, are zeroed on export by Glyphs automatically; you can keep them at a comfortable width (typically 20%–50% of an em).

Yes I am talking about combining marks in this case.
I know about the width being put to 0 on export, but when working on customer projects I try to change as little as possible.
I was just curious :slight_smile: