Autopsy script?

I saw today a posted copy of an email from Yanone wherein he said that Georg had adapted his Autopsy script for Glyphs.

Is that available somewhere? I am unable to find it.

I have a very partially implementation. Now that it is open source, I might release it and maybe someone else can improve on it.

That would be great to see.

Just put a very early implementation in github. It only supports Single Master fonts and misses some other stuff.

I have used it in FontLab Studio and it works great, but so far no one seems to have done anything to improve on Autopsy for Glyphs. I tried it today in Glyphs 1.4.2 [553] (OS X 10.8.5) and it doesn’t appear to work.

It was a very useful script for me in FontLab Studio but I’m not a coder so I don’t know how to fix it for Glyphs. Maybe it has some dependencies I’m not aware of.

Can this very useful script be fixed? Anyone?

for the Autopsy 1.2 from Georg on Schriftgestalt:

List of Fonts to use:
–> Sorting the list (up/down) doesn’t work for me.
–> the buttons for choosing the fonts to move to the right list don’t respond to what is selected. So no matter what you chose, you’ll end up with the same order (which is for some reason not the desired one)
–> Also in many cases the button for putting one font back to the left (Open Fonts) closes the window.

I looked at the code, but it’s a bit beyond my skills.

Mavericks, Glyphs Version 1.4.4 (592)

any ideas!?

I am not sure about Georg, but Autopsy is not that high on my to-do list right now, and I am afraid the matter does need more attention than I can spare at the moment.

Which functionality do you need, and what are you trying to achieve? Perhaps I can suggest an alternative.

just if it’s no hassle.

the interface just doesn’t allow me to sort the fonts according to their weight. resulting in a rather useless Autopsy.

Meanwhile I build my own small Autopsy-ish PDF builder in Drawbot, only downside is, that i cannot display non-unicode character for the moment there.

An very nice alternative:

I had a look at the fontinspector and is looks quite nice. But it needs some adjustments. They are not directly related to Glyphs. Some string encoding problems, it crashes if one font misses a glyphs…

Metrics part of Font inspector seems very useful for checking. Could we we expect something similar for Glyphs?

me too, i also edited a bit the encoding and got it sparely running. the results quality depends on components and some issues with rounding errors of the metrics can make it crash (metrics that are a float due to italic angle for example). and third: all the first segments after the starting point are drawn as a straight.

for testing i generated instances and run the script with various selections of glyphs to determine what works and what not.

the script, crashes, some encoding errors. is the a py version available that runs? or how to solve this problem. thx

I started to implement the scrip as a plugin. I just put the current state in a github repository:
Can you try it? It does not support fonts with more then one master, yet.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1739, in
File “”, line 618, in main
File “/Applications/”, line 93, in
GSApplication.fonts = property(lambda self: AllFonts())
File “/Applications/”, line 91, in AllFonts
AttributeError: ‘GSInstallPluginDocument’ object has no attribute ‘font’


first thank you for awnsering.

id like to install the script (by just double click the file autopsy.glyphsPlugin) but it doesnt work. i tried to install it manually (just put them in the also doesnt work.

id like to test it but … are there solutions

@Olma what Glyphs version do you have?

probably a “very” old version: 1.3.17.
but this still runs quiet good on my mac
(another version crashed, dont know…)

Please download the current one: