Axis mapping issues when exporting with fontmake

We have encountered some issues with the mapping of axis and instances when we export a variable font with fontmake. Instances are remapped to unlogical values. Now we have to leave GA and remap by hand. Isn’t there an easier way ? Preferably within GA ?

I need more details. But isn’t that more of a glyphsLib issue?

In the file everything is mapped to CSS numbers.

Does fontmake uses glyphsLib to convert glyphsapp files into UFO+designspace ?

Where did you get the ccs from?


I would have to ask my team member, he sent me that screenshot. He is now offline…

This is how the instances are set.

And the Masters:

The axis location is only available for the masters. All the grey parameter will be ignored.

@GeorgSeifert Thanks for your help. I asked Stephen and found out what happened. I was actually the other way around. Delete axis location from the masters.

This probably has to do that glyphsLib tried to be too smart and infers the axis values for the masters from the wiegt class setting of the instances (the instances that match the design space location of the masters).

Well, it turns out that the file works when you only have a limited amount of glyphs. With full encoding it doesn’t work anymore…

@GeorgSeifert Any idea ?

Turns out it probably is caused by kerning (exceptions)…