Background contours are not visible enough

I don’t like the fact that when you are working on the top layer, contours in the background are too dimmed. I can’t find a way to make it more visible like in Fontlab. Is it possible? I think there should be a way to set this in Preferences.

Same thing in Fontlab:

You can write a Reporter plug-in and do anything with the background.

Yes, you can probably write a plugin for anything. My point is the feature I describe should be a standard thing. And you know already that the more plugins you activate the less stable Glyphs becomes, so more and more pluggins shouldn’t be the answer.

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You are the first and so far only one who has problems seeing the background lines. That is an argument for not adding an option in the Preferences, but writing a plug-in. We may consider adding an option at one point, but you will understand that it is not high on the list.

No, Ramiro, I do not know this. That is not necessarily so. Adding too many options in the main app can make the app less stable too. So, that is not an argument for adding options.

I am writing that plug-in for you, Ramiro.

You can use “Show Orange Background” from Tim Ahrens.



Ooohh! Thanks Rainer!

Thanks Eduardo! I’ll give it a try/