Background grid disappeared (Glyphs Mini – 2.1.2 (98) )

Hi there,

just wanted to let you know that the background grid disappeared after the latest update (2.1.2 (98)) for Glyphs Mini. Apart from that, everything else works fine for me and the new dark mode is a great add!

ALSO: The guideline for the x-height shows on lower case letters only, this wasn’t the case before.
(It was nice point of reference, of course, which needs to be brought back) :relaxed:

Thanks for the great tool anyways! :slight_smile:

Grid: true.
x-height in caps: will think about it.

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Thank you very much!
But now you confused me: wasn’t the x-height always showing, no matter which glyph you were working on?
Either way, this is no biggie, I will just add a global guideline for the x-height from now on.

Or type a lowercase letter next to it?

What do you use the x-height in the caps for? I don’t see anything that would align to it. And to judge proportions, it would be better to actually look at some lower case next to the cap.

You are right! Since I’m just starting out with typedesign and Glyphs Mini, the x-height guideline was always a handy crutch to hold on to (just for reference and for consistency on the canvas), but it’s correct, to judge proportions just typing a lower case letter next to it really does the trick.

Thank you all for your replies! (I freaking love using Glyphs Mini and will upgrade to Glyphs as soon my wife lets me spend the 250€) :joy:

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I fixed the grid.

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Yes, the grid is back! Thank you very much for this super fast fix! :+1: