Background not showing - Version 2.3b (839)


I just dowloaded Version 2.3b (839) and when I paste something in the background it doesn’t show when the background is activated but when I am in the working layer I can see it. The background still appears to be empty.

Also the same thing happens with other layers other than the main layer. They appear empty even though in the preview in the bottom of the screen I can see the selected glyph preview.

What plugins do you have active? Check the bottom part of the View menu.
Do you have activated “Show Background” in the view menu?

View Background is activated.

Here is the list of plugins.

Georg, I reinstalled the application and it works fine.

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Hmmm. I updated to the newest cutting edge version and the same thing happened again. Cannot see the background and also any layer other than the master layer of each master.

Just to test, rename the plugins folder, and restart the app. Then see if it still happens. Perhaps come like to contract it’s down to one specific plug-in.

I tried removing/renaming Plugins and also Scripts. Nothing worked. I keep having the same issue. I saw that someone is experiencing the same. Any other ideas?

Seems to be the same as this one:

Let’s investigate further there.