Background problem

Hi there,
Recently I have a problem in the Edit Background mode.
When I switch to Edit Background (Command B) the foreground seems still ‘active’ but on the background. More precisely: I can still click on the nodes of the foreground letter and modify it from the background, and the background is empty. Also it doesn’t let me to copy components to the background.
Hereby I attach a printscreen of the problem. You can clearly see that the nodes of the foreground image are somehow visible and you can move them. (The image is in Edit Background mode)

I’d be very grateful for any advice on how to get rid of this problem.


PS: I’m using Glyph Version 2.4.1 on a Macbook (El Capitan Vesion 10.11.6)
PS2: When I export a UFO format and open it in Glyphs, this problem is gone. But in Glyph format it’s still there.

Yes, and you did two things to trigger that:

  1. The Select All Layers tool active, instead of the normal Select tool.
  2. The Regular layer is activated (eye symbol next to the layer name in the panel).

If you want to work on a single layer exclusively, choose the normal Select tool (V).

Works for me, with copying and pasting, or, with the Selection to Background command. How exactly are you trying to copy your components to the background?

Thank you!!!
It was the Select All Layers Tool indeed, I haven’t noticed it. (:fire:)

Now, after I restarted Glyphs it works fine for me too to copy and/or place components in the background (with Select All Layers)>.

Was that a glyph that Container both paths and components, and you selected all with Cmd-A?

That would select only all paths. For selecting all components too, press Cmd-A twice in that case.

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Thanks for your help!