Baht sorting in FontView

Can I ask why ฿ (baht) is not sorted next to others currency suymbols ?

It is for me. Can you show what you see when selecting the glyph in Font View and choosing EditInfo for Selection?

It isn’t for me either. I think it used to be though.

Can you post a screenshot of the dialog mentioned by Florian?
It looks like this for me:

For me, it’s also sorted under Symbol. The only odd thing is that it’s sorted next to the florin, before at, ampersand and so on. Not with the other currencies.

It does appear in “Curencies”, though.

My Info is exactly the same as Georg’s screenshot.

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What @SCarewe described is also how mine sorts and the screenshot is the same.

It’s seems that it’s because Bath have a script set. That’s why it’s not sorted next to the others.