Base line for script font

I am creating a script font and the upper case letters are taller then the lower case letters. I started with the upper case letters and it sits on the base line, but the lower case letters are considerably higher then the lower case by 250. Should I have made the lower case letters to sit on the base line? If so is it possible to change it?

Thanks in advance.


Do you mean the baseline of the caps do not align with the one for lowercase in your design? You can have only one baseline in your font anyway, and you should set it to whichever case you intend as the dominant; for a script font, I imagine lowercase is the primary, and uppercase should be moved vertically. If you want some sort of guideline, you can draw one (and make it global & locked).

Thanks, I realize that you cannot have two baselines, and I consider the lower case to be the dominant, so can I change my baseline, I’m able to change descender, ascender etc. but can’t move my baseline up.

The baseline is always at zero. So move everything else. You can select all glyphs and use the transformation filter to move them all at once.

Wow! That worked! I used the filter translate and was able to move them all at one time! Thanks a millions!