Baseline issues with a font family

I have a problem with a font family and vertical metrics. When I use the font for the web, the font is not well centered on the height. Do you have an idea to solve my problem? Here are the parameters of the font.
typoAscender = 745;
typoDescender = “-255”;
typoLineGap = 260;
winAscent = 1013;
winDescent = 242;
hheaAscender = 1013;
hheaDescender = 242;
hheaLineGap = 0;30%20PM
I’ve attached a picture to illustrate my problem.

Read the Vertical Metrics tutorial, please: it has a chapter about how browsers treat the values you can set as parameters. I strongly recommend the Webfont Strategy described in the tutorial. Then you have the best cross-browser consistency.

It is not entirely a font problem though. I assume you want to center the cap height with the circle. But fonts also need to take descenders etc. into account. So, font-internal solutions will only get you so far for solving a web design problem. In this case, a pure CSS solution may be the better way.