Baseline moves downwards in some styles

Hello, everyone,

I am working on a font on three different axes.
One of the axes makes the font rounded, and I have noticed that in adobe softwares,
when I use this axis, the baseline (and consequently the whole font) shifts slightly downwards.
Using the other axes (such as weight) I do not experience this problem.
The problem is also present in OTF formats.
All masters have the same metrics, I tested it in other software and browser and there are no problem, it’s only in Adobe.

Does anyone know what it could be?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Is it possible you’re seeing what’s described in the “First baseline in Adobe apps” of the vertical metrics tutorial?

Thanks for the answer!

Yes, I think it is connected to that. I usually use the Webfont strategy and have never had any problems.

This time the problem I think is due to the fact that in Adobe the default setting is set to Ascent, and my font when changing from standard to rounded has the ascenders slightly higher (since they are rounded and not flat I have corrected them optically to make them look similar).
This is also the case with the x-height and the descenders.

One solution would be to set all the ascenders/heights of x’s/descenders to the same level, but that would be a bit sad because then the rounded font would look optically smaller than the standard font.

Does anyone know if there might be other solutions?

The “lowercase d hack” mentioned here is an option.

Great! Yess that works!
Thanks a lot