Baseline problems in Windows browsers

I’ve redesigned a family that used to perform fine as a webfont (as shown on the left side of the attached), and now shows a strange bounce on the baseline in Windows in Chrome and Firefox (as shown on the right side). The blue zones and vertical metrics seem to be OK as far as I can see.

The original version was created in FL, but I imported it into Glyphs to make the webfonts.

The 2.0 version was edited in Glyphs.Do you know what might be causing this?



It is most certainly the hinting.
Are the outlines CFF or TT?
What version of Glyphs?
Recent betas have had problems with exporting CFF hinting.

I’m running v. 2.3 (895).

Think these were CFF. Not sure which format—client is reporting problem, which I can’t duplicate. Think likely WOFF.

Did they produce the WOFF? Then maybe that conversion is faulty. Did you compare the vertical metrics settings with OTMaster?

I produced the fonts myself, and set the metrics myself. Trying to confirm they’re using WOFF; I provided WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT. I don’t have OTMaster; would it tell me anything I can’t tell by looking at the Glyphs file?

You need to compare the actual values in the font. You can use the free OTMaster Light to do that. Or ttx.