Baseline sits too high when uploaded to web

I used to use font squirrel to “fix” the baseline shift (too high within i.e. buttons) in fonts I uploaded to Wordpress or Wix. I think the “Auto Adjust Vertical Metrics” was what fixed it. How do I use Glyphs to do the same thing?


Did you read this tutorial:

You can convert a font with font squirrel and check what vertical metrics it is setting and replicate that by custom parameters in Glyphs.

Font Squirrel is sketch lately and sometimes won’t convert. It look as this my font doesn’t shift the baseline, but shifts the BUTTON WRAPPER down 2px. See attached. Please advise?

I cannot help you with CSS or HTML. But you can take a look inside a processed font file to see what Font Squirrel actually does.

  1. Export original font from Glyphs.
  2. Convert the exported font with your preferred settings in Font Squirrel.
  3. Open the converted font in Glyphs.
  4. Look in File > Font Info > Masters > Custom Parameters and copy all parameters concerning vertical metrics back into your original file.

If you are not sure which parameters are relevant as vertical metrics, please read the tutorial.