Basic stuff

Hi Georg, I am looking into Glyphs and am trying to learn the most basic things at the moment, coming from years of intensive FL use.

How do you move to the next glyph without closing the tab and manually choosing the next one?

Also, how can I set my own short cuts? Is there a customize panel?


Move to prev/next glyph: Page Up and Page Down or Fn + left/right arrow keys

All keyboard shortcuts for commands in the menu can be reassigned the system preferences. Everything that has no menu entry is not changeable in the moment. But try not to recreate the shortcut from FLS if you haven’t a very important reason.

… or just type a word with the text tool (T).

Thanks for the reply.

Now, I have changed the order of the glyphs to how I like it, but when I use Fn + left/right arrow keys then it just goes to wherever glyphs figures is the next glyph and doesn’t follow my order. For example it goes from a to a.acute not to a.alt.

Generating glyphs doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t do a thing. Only by pushing shift+cmd+G again and then esc aborts it and lets me get out of it.

Setting anchors: Is there a way to define where (on a horizontal line) they are set automatically, or do I have to set them then manually? Can I differentiate where top and bottom anchors are set?

How can I set global guide?

Thanks & Best regards

I can answer #1!
Use shift+Fn+arrow and it should follow whatever sorting you have in the font window

thanks Kemie

How did you change the order? If you use a list filter, only the display order is changed, not the actual order in the font. To do so, you have to add a "glyphOrder" custom parameter to the font. But if you use Fn+Shift+left/right arrow keys, the display order should be used to move to the next/previous glyph. What do you mean with "Generating Glyphs". Do you mean Font > Add Glyphs... ? If you use Layer > Set Anchors, the bottom anchors are set on the baseline and top anchor on the x-height/cap-height. If you use the context menu, they are set at the position of the mouse click. Add a regular guide line, right click the selection knob and choose "Make global Guideline".

Georg: Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes. I try to create j_i as a ligature but it doesn't do nothing. I use a "glyphOrder" custom parameter, maybe thats why?

Thanks for the other info.

Make sure in Font View, you have “Categories: All” and then, in the Search field (cmd-F), type “j_i”. Perhaps you already have 20 copies :slight_smile: