Batch Import for Italic Master

Dear scripting wizards,

I’m facing the following situation:

  • I recently added a Black master to the upright Glyphs file of a typeface project of mine, which previously only had Hairline and Bold masters.
  • Now I also need to add a Black master to the italics Glyphs for that typeface. Since the font is geometric, many glyphs will simply be slanted versions of the upright.
  • I don’t feel like copy-pasting all outlines and widths into the italic file by hand. I’m sure this is a job that can be covered with a script.
  • The script would have to do the following:
    • Compile a list of glyphs present in both the upright and italic files. (For instance, there are no small caps in the italic master, and the italic master has some special glyphs not present in the upright.)
    • For each glyph in the list:
      • Copy the entire contents and advance width of the glyph from the upright Black master to the corresponding glyph in the italic Black master.

Would anyone here be willing to help me put together such a script?

you could generate a single master document that contains the black master and import that into the italic.

OK, but wouldn’t the fact that the import has many more glyphs than the Italic cause a problem?

It should ignore the glyphs that are not in the target font.

OK, that worked, thanks! :smiley:

Worked greatly thanks a lot ! :runner: