Batch spacing for all my masters. Please

Hi Guys, Could you please help me understand how I can make batch spacing for all my masters at one time. I have 240 glyphs and I will go crazy if I do spacing for every master separately. Is there any possibility to do it all together one time?? I am reading tutorial but maybe i’m missing something. Thank you!

What do you mean by spacing? Do you mean you like to adjust the spacing by a fixed amount or do you need to setup the spacing from scratch? In the first case, you can use the Transform filter > Metics. In the second case you need to do it manually because spacing is on of the most important aspect of the quality of a typeface. There are some thinks that will reduce the number of glyph you need or do manually. First: use auto aligned components as much as possible (for all your accented letters) and metrics keys (for letters with the same shape).

And read the Handbook and this tutorial

I have four masters– Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. I found that spacing differs from one master to another one. For example letter ‘O’ in Regular has LSB 40, RSB 40, but in Italic it has LSB 10 and RSB 30, and in Bold it has 20 and 10. What I want to do is to make all the metrics in all the masters (for one letter) to be the same (like in Regular). I understand the manual solution but it does take time. Can I somehow save the metrics for LSB and RSB in one master and apply it for other masters.

Are you sure you need that? Because in most cases, the different masters need different side bearings.

You can use metrics keys. In the master that has the spacing that you like, put in a equal sign before the number in the in RSB or LSB field (like: =40). Then run Glyphs > Update Metrics (while holding the option key).

Or write a small script.

thank you, it works!!-)
PS: its just my particular font design that requires the same metrics

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