Beginner question - private use and other

I noticed that everytime I save and log out for the day, when I come back all of the new icons i make get put into “other” instead of private use with the rest of them. Why is this and can I change it so that they are all under one nice and pretty category?

What version of Glyphs do you have?

Glyphs 1 version 1.4.3

Here is a screen shot of what is going on if I was unclear with my post.

It starts creating a section for “other” for some reason instead of categorizing it with the other private use icons. And this happens for every new glyph I make. So I end up having a million different sections.

The alphabetic sorting took precedence. Should be fixed in 1.4.4. Activate Glyphs > Preferences > Update > Cutting Edge Versions and check for new updates.

I’m downloading right now!