Beginner questions

I have a few beginner questions here:

  1. How do I get the grid of all glyphs in a font to be listed in order of Unicode codepoint, and for that codedpoint to be displayed? I can do it when they are all in a list but not in the grid.

  2. In the Edit View of a glyph, I do not see where the vertical height is displayed. I can’t quite figure out how to get rulers set sup so they always display.

  3. I copied and pasted a glyph from one font to another. The new glyph has width 594 when I set the sidebearings to 0, but when I set the width to 600, one of the sidebearings is 6. How do I change it to a width 600 with 0 sidebearings?

The code point is shown when:

  1. The Display Unicode Value setting is checked in GlyphsSettings…Appearance.
  2. The grid cell size is large enough to show the Unicode code point. If not, increase the cell size with the slider located in the bottom right corner of the window.

Can you post an example of what you mean?

This is as it should be. If you want the width to be 600 with a sidebearing of 0, then you need to modify the outlines, not the metrics.

For example, move one of the nodes on the right side 6 units further to the right.

Or, select all outlines of the glyph layer (⌘A) and scale them to a width of 600. You can do this visually by dragging the selection handles:

or by entering the desired value in the Info box and pressing Return:

The shape will be scaled with respect to the transformation center, for example, from the middle (expanding to the left and right in equal parts), or from the left (expanding to the right).

Thank you. I am very very slowly starting to understand this and this was a very helpful answer.