Beginning question: editing existing fonts


I am new to Glyphs and still getting my head around how it works.

I am looking to do a very simple change to an existing typeface but can’t seem to open up this typeface in Glyphs in order to edit the font.

Can anyone explain how I can edit an existing font, and firstly how to import it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What kind of font are you trying to open? Read this first:

Be aware that opening and exporting a font yields a different font, because not all information in the font is reverse-engineered.

And be sure you are alowed to do changes…

Hello, thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve read that page but couldn’t see where it actually explained how to import the font. When I go into File>Import the option to import the desired font doesn’t show up as an option. Does it have to be a specific file format? The font I want to use says it’s a TrueType font but the file extension is labelled .dfont.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated!


The Import command in Mac Apps means that you insert something into your current window. But what you want to do is called Open (Cmd-O). Or simply drag the file onto the Glyphs app icon.

Thanks for this, but I have tried all of these things and for some reason Glyphs doesn’t seem to open the file. Is it to do with it needing to be a specific file type or have a specific file extension?

It’s just one letter I want to change so I’m guessing this is something that should be fairly easy to do…


What’s the file extension of the font you’re trying to open? I think Glyphs opens PS type 1, CFF OpenType and TrueType fonts.

Glyphs cannot open files in the TrueType datafork font format. You would need to convert that first with a tool like TransType.

Is this one of the fonts bundled with OS X? As Fonthausen pointed out, you should read the EULA first.