Bending or transforming components


I was wondering if there is any way to transform components in a more complex way than just scaling them proportionally. Is there a way to bend them or - like in illustrator - a tool to set fixed anchors from which you can then transform the components shape?
My goal is to have one single component in the back of a logo which consists out of multiples of that component but some of them are shaped differently because they are bent in the logo window.

Thank you very much!

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Can you post a sketch of what you mean?

One more question:
I know its kind of a bit much to ask for but what would be the easiest or most efficient way to give each of the 17 pieces of the logo a different color? Would I need 17 Instances with color parameters?

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  1. Look into Smart Components: Height and Width work best as transformation properties, but you can use anything as long as it is interpolatable.
  2. For coloring, look into CPAL/COLR Colorfonts: basically, keep the different parts on different color layers.

Thank you so much!
That really helped! :croissant:

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