Better offset curve filter

Offset curve filters often cuts sharp angles (e.g. lozanges) with two points.
Is there an option in the pipeline to stuck to vertical height?

Can you send me some samples what you are trying to do and what you expect to happen?

Expected: No overshoot beyond zones, and sharp angles intact.

About the acute angles: Have you tried in the latest beta?

Not sure I understand what you mean about the overshoots.

Latest beta: no, better results there?
Overshoot: wished option to stuck on vertical dimensions (so vertical offset goes towards the center).

The overshot prevention is not as easy. To what zone should a ‘b’ be attached. To the x-height or ascender. Either would mess up the other. Or, It could try to keep both. That would distort the proportions quite a bit. Because of that, the filter is called “Offset Curves” and not “Make Bold”.

In most cases it is good to not go beyond vertical extrem points to avoid making an outline effect. Of course making a bold is a design task (therefore this filter indeed should’t be named “make bold”). But as a starting point for a range of glyphs or for fine tuning (my glyph is slightly too thin or bold) I would appreciate an option (not a default choice), as I know it from FontLab for example. As it is now (with cutting 45 degree angles in two points) this filter seems rather poor to me. Did you perhaps think to implement something like Power Nudge from FL VI (vectors AND points moving in relation to others)? I found it quite great for making bolds.

We have nudge. Hold ctrl+opt and move a point.

And when you explain what should happen when you apply the filter to a ‘b’?

I know for Glyphs nudge, FL VI Power Nudge moves more than the tangents. For b, as I said, not go beyond vertical extremes, although not perfect, a good start for further corrections. Better than nothing!

I didn’t try it in the new FL, but in FLS, the b would loose the x-height quite a bit. And the stems will be different in the b than in the o. So it is easier to correct the output from Glyphs Offset Curve…

… for some Glyphs, in many others not (you will spend more time correcting then).

I am speaking about an option you can use when you wish. At least I would, but that doesn’t seem enough.

Please don’t feel rejected. All I’m saying is that it is much more complicated than one can hope for. As you see, there is an “auto” button in the offset curve filter dialog. So I tried to add that functionality already but didn’t found a solution, yet. But your request made me think about this and I might have found a possible improvement. I hope I find time to implement it.

Improvement sounds good (nevertheless I miss the mentioned options until then). I had further trials with the last cutting edge version of Gyphs but it still adds unnecessary points and cuts sharp angles.

Can you send me some outlines that still cut corners?

I have sended to your email adress.

I fixed it and the version from yesterday should work fine.