Better way to find path inner nodes?

There is an easy way to find these kind of nodes in a Layer ?


I made this snippet, but an easier method probably exists.

def find_layer_inner_nodes(layer):
	all_nodes = layer.allNodes()
	bezier_path_nodes = [(point.x, point.y) for point in layer.bezierPath.vk_allPoints()]
	inner_nodes = [node for node in all_nodes if node.type != "offcurve" and (node.x, node.y) not in bezier_path_nodes]
	return inner_nodes if inner_nodes else None


Sorry, I was not clear; I meant nodes in the BezierPath. Not the virtual one
I updated my screenshot

I don’t understand. You like to get to nodes that are removed?

Yes, I would like to know which nodes are on the final outlines and which are not.

Then you code is quite good.